Profiles from the human side of the data revolution                                                         

Analysts of America focuses on one overriding question:

“How can we make the 2020s as productive as possible for mission-driven data work?”

Our project tells the human story of the data revolution, balancing the popular narratives of bleeding edge technology and “big data” that are far from the reality facing many working in the field.

We are focused on the data “have-nots”, those working to make a difference with data in government, small businesses, non-profit, and other mission-driven work, often without the infrastructure and resources available to larger commercial players.  We talk to anybody who has something to contribute to the discourse regarding this work: in-the-weeds analysts, data scientists, managers, strategists, educators and more.

We will try to effectively tell these stories through the people we speak with, the work they are doing, and the resources they share.


Labor and Education – How is the United States educating, nurturing, and growing the labor necessary to meet the demands of the data sector – in quantity and skills?  How are we creating a broader context of data fluency for this work to be successful?

Data as a Craft – History may not repeat itself, but it rhymes.  How can the relatively nascent practice of applying data-driven-work at scale across organizations learn from other disciplines to accelerate progress and achievement?

Right-Sizing the Movement – We know that when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  Right-sizing aims to improve outcomes by intimately understanding what’s fit and necessary – what role should data play in solving specific types of problems?  How can people, process, and technology be in sync with the demands of projects and organizations?


Practitioners  – If you work with data (particularly mission-driven work), we hope this will inform you, entertain you, and remind you of the larger community to which you belong.

Grant-Makers, Policy-Makers, Executives [Deciders] – If you make decisions that directly impact how your organization, grantee, city, country, state, etc., navigates this space, we hope this will give you useful perspective, encourage you to speak with folks on the ground and help make the best possible decisions.


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