Catalina is a data scientist and educator working to build Miami’s female data science community.

“I started trying to get more involved in the data science community in Miami and I quickly found that there wasn’t a data science community in Miami.

One of the first meet-ups I went to, maybe 30 people, there were 2 women. It also didn’t feel like a place where my background or my experiences were necessarily valued. Not because they didn’t want to, but because maybe people had a certain perspective so they didn’t see how the diversity was necessarily that valuable.

So I started doing a lot of work around building that community.”

When I hear overly-optimistic claims about work in the data realm, I’m highly skeptical.  What are you selling?  Who are you gladhanding?  Charlatan.

When Catalina states “Anyone can do data science“ in minute 3 of our conversation, for some reason I believe her more than most (not completely, but more, which is a real achievement).  Maybe it’s because I know that she works with several organizations focusing on helping people learn the trade, or as I’ll later learn, because her data science chops came after college, through similar mechanisms.

Whatever the case may be, and wherever the real line of data science aptitude is drawn between the realms of “some”, “many”, or “anybody”, one thing is clear from conversations across the country - community really matters.  As good as web-based content is, and as fast as it is improving, having local, personal relationships is critical - especially if you are underrepresented in existing spaces.  This isn’t just beneficial as a technical practitioner but as a person navigating always tricky and always changing terrain.  These communities take leaders, and there’s little doubt the opportunity to learn in Miami, and to leverage a healthy network while doing so, is much stronger because of people like Catalina. 


Andrew Ng;
Andrew Ng

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R-Ladies Miami

Women in Data Science Conference


  • Bachelor of Science; Operations and Information Management; Consumer Psychology Activities and Societies
  • Co Founder & Co Organizer, R-Ladies Miami
  • Women in Data Science (WiDS) Ambassador, Miami Satellite Conference Organizer
  • Co-Founder and Lead Instructor, Data.Miami
  • Primary Technolology - R, Python, Weka, SQL, Git, Machine Learning, AWS (Solutions Architect), Tableau, Looker